Lisa Jura

I was in Hungary to visit friends. It was the last day of my trip, and after I got up in the morning, I could not find my ID card which I needed to get on the plane back home to Berlin. I usually spend all of my money in Hungary, and it was this dangerous time at the end of the month when my salary hadn’t arrived yet. So I called the German Embassy to ask what to do. They told me to come in as quickly as possible. My plane would leave in four hours.

I spent my last money on the cab to the embassy. Then I thought: “Why am I here, I don’t even have any money left to pay for this temporary ID card they would make.” I had a nervous breakdown in front of the German Embassy in Budapest. Somehow I got in though, crying. I spoke to a man working there, crying. He asked: “But can’t you borrow money from your friends?” I just cried more. omg, most embarrassing moment ever. So he gave me some of his own money for the new ID. I cried even more, and then went to the photo booth to get my picture taken.

With that temporary ID and the stranger’s money in my pocket, I grabbed a cab and flew back home.

Lisa was featured in Romka 10 in 2017.