Lucia Sotnikova

I love to go fishing. One summer Anton and I went fishing every Saturday. On one of those Saturdays, I had no luck with fish, got tired of staring at the water’s surface and decided to focus my attention on the land. I saw a dragonfly being attacked by ants. It was injured and its wings were severely damaged. It did not really try to escape.

I put it on my shoulder — and it kept sitting there, like a parrot. It stayed with me until the end of the day, and then I decided to take it home with me to nurse it. As you can see on the photo, I placed it on the palm of my hand and gave it some water to drink. With one wing missing, I knew it couldn’t make it in the wild. I fed it small moths. For days and days, the dragonfly sat in my big house plant at home.

It stayed with me for exactly two weeks. I took it out to another fishing trip. I left it in a bush for a little while. It mysteriously disappeared.

Lucia was featured in Romka 10 in 2017.