Leif Gunnar Boman

The scene that I captured in this shot has a lot of meaning to me because this is how I grew up seeing my father day in and day out. My father worked from home so it was nice always having him around, but the only drawback was that he was always busy working at his computer or at one of his work benches. He would always stop and take the time to help us with whatever problems that needed solving.

As I got farther along into middle and high school, I started to get a little embarrassed by my father’s nerdy qualities. Fortunately, this was short-lived and I began to truly appreciate him for the amazing role model he was to me. Now I fully embrace his nerdiness and can only hope that I become half the genius he is. This is my dad doing what he loves, and I love it.

Leif Gunnar was featured in Romka 7 in 2012.