Thomas Hauser

People often ask me which of my photos is my favourite. Particularly with regards to my portraits of young girls. My usual answer is: “My most recent work is always the most interesting to me and therefore also my favourite.“ In some way this is true, but there is proof against it on my studio’s wall. Of the most recent prints I make, I frame the prints I like the most and put them on the wall to see if I still like them. That’s my routine, and I can’t do it any other way. There’s always a small, changing exhibition in my studio. But one picture is always on my wall and will always stay in its frame: “Sarah.” I took the picture in December, 2009. For some reason all of my new photos are measured against this one. Nobody understands my enthusiasm for this portrait.

Nobody thinks Sarah is very beautiful, nobody thinks she is sexy. Gallery owners throw that picture out of my portfolio. Whenever I submit JPEGs to a blog I include it, but it has never been posted. However , if I was to take one photo to a lonely island, I would bring hers.

Thomas was featured in Romka 8 in 2013.