Jordan Sullivan

This picture was taken on my last day in New York. The best friends I ever had brought me to Ithaca that weekend. I had lost so much in those last weeks, and all I could think to do was leave town. This photo was taken in a place that I can only describe as paradise. We hiked maybe a mile through this dense wilderness until we came to these cliffs. There must’ve been a hundred kids there; everything ran wild and innocent and you could even feel your blood flowing as reckless as the river. Some of the kids were jumping off the cliffs into the water, others were watching from the ledge of the dam below. My friend told me about a girl who fell off that 70 foot ledge and broke every bone in her body. This picture is of one of my best friends, Fraz, jumping off that very same cliff. When I look at this image, I think of joy and death.

Jordan was featured in Romka 7 in 2012.