romka #8 is out now

romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their favorite photographs.

romka #8
31 photos and stories
78 pages at 20×25cm
2,000 copies

romka #8 features photos and stories by Aaron McElroy, Alex Thebez, Anna Walker, Bradley Peters, Brian St. Denis, Christian Patterson, Darja Nagel, Dragana Damjanovic-Schachner, Elisabeth Jayot, Hans-Christian Schink, Harry Griffin, Jan Adriaans, Jason Fulford, Jason Lazarus, Juan Pablo Garza, Lena Guimont, Lindsay Varvari, Marcel Casado, Mariken Wessels, Matt Colquhoun, Mikal Strøm, Nathanael Turner, Peter Watkins, Robert Häusser, Robin Schwartz, Roxana Azar, Ruth van Beek, Shauna Greyerbiehl, Stine Sampers, Thomas Hauser, and Zachary Norman.

Latest entry from the archive

Zachary Norman

I took this photograph while visiting my family in the mountains. My grandma Imogene and cousin Destiny are communicating via Barbie walkie-talkies:

“Imogene, can you hear me from yonder?” This is Destiny yelling now.

My great aunt Inez and cousin Dieira look on. The large house in the distance is unoccupied, so we know there is no one watching us.

Zachary Norman, romka #8

Random entry from the archive

Katrin Kirojood

When I moved from Vienna to Sweden I left not only a warm and loving home behind but also one of the most important persons in my life. The picture was taken in connection with a photo shooting, Markus taking a break from posing for me for a school project.

I miss having my creative, constantly smoking friend to share my ideas, dreams and work with.

Katrin Kirojood, romka #2 (2009)

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